The Plugin Statistic that Matters

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  •   •  WordPress

I've written only one WordPress plugin that was generic enough to be released in the plugins repository. That plugin is called "My Posts" and it trivially solves a problem that was rather significant in one of my projects. I say it trivially solves

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Learning is the Goal

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  •   •  Education

"Our hypothesis was right." First, a Story I've been a judge for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Asia, I think oh... about 5 times now. In fact, I've been the judge of projects that have gone on to the

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My Laser-Cutter Projects

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  •   •  Portfolio

I never knew I was an artist until the let me play with lasers ‐Me Background A couple of years ago now one of the schools I was working with told me they wanted to start a Maker Space. I didn't realize it but they

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Utah Pony Express Trail

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  •   •  Motorcycle

Today I took my KLR650 on the Pony Express Trail in Utah. It was a fun ride, definitely in the "beginner" category as far as difficulty, but surrounded by lots of great sights none the less. You can see this was about a

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Add Auxiliary USB Power to a KLR 650

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  • 

I'd like to start by saying that my long term dream is to rewire my entire bike. Ideally I would move all of the relays and fuses into a weather-tight relay box which is mounted where the starter relay cover is positioned. Then I'd like

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